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This is were you will find poetry submissions from other poet's around the world! If you wish to submit poetry to Wild Bill for publication on Wild Bill's Culture Corner go to SHOUT BACK and send it in. I would prefer that you use the e-mail rather than the form, 'cause it will allow me to send you a confirmation regarding your work. If you use the form, I have no way of gettin' back to ya. If you've been to Wild Bill's in the past, you may have noticed I have made a few changes. The front page was loadin' kinda slow, so I thought I would do somthin'about it. Hope that the changes have helped you to injoy puttin' 'round the corner a little more.

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Biker Poetry from 'round the World

The Patch
By Dutch. A tribute and reminder of those who fought in Viet Nam. The Veterans of that war are all to often forgotten. Theirs was not a popular conflict and few returned home to the same welcome our veterans receive today. The brotherhood they formed remains unbroken to this day even as many pass on.
Push On
By John Terreault. John is a cousin of mine and has been tinkering with poetry since he discovered how much fun it can be. This was written by John for my wife and I as I rode from Florida to Nevada on my motorcycle. It's a good piece! Nice work John!
Six New Poems
By "Big Dog!" Now I know a lot of folks out there think that I'm the only Alaskan Biker Poet out there. Well it just ain't so! Big Dog is not only in Alaska he works just a few miles form me north of the Arctic Circle! So, check out his work!
My Leathers
By Torch aka John Ashford. "Torch" produces a couple of major motorcycle blogs on the internet, and Midlife Motorcycle Madness Motorcycle Blog. I wasn't really surprised when I say this piece of poetry posted at his site because Torch is rather prolific and puts pen to paper quit a bit. It was however the first Poetry I had seen from him and it was a pleasure. Enjoy!
The Days of Yesterday
By Rich Briggs. Rich sent this in one day and I can tell you it speaks to many riders out there who have been on two wheels for a long time. If you love and respect the lifestyle, I think you will love this poem.
To be Twenty Again
By Calvin Ray. Cal is a cousin of mine. A fun and talented musician he occasionally will wax poetically. Cal was kind enough to share this with me and I will share it with you. Hope you like it!
Memories in the Wind and Rollin' the Dice
Two great poems by Panhead Josh. Josh has been around a very long time. The guys been writing longer than me! When I think of Bikerpoetry, Panhead is one of the first writers that comes to mind. I'm very pleased to be publishing a couple of his works. You need to read these!
Asphalt Addiction
By Winterhorse. Addiction is a good word for it. I put 220 miles on today, burned my face and forearms never even thinking to stop and do anything about it. Winterhorse is a new contributor, letís hope we see more..
Speed Bonding
By Randie Brookshire. Randie is the webmaster for Primal Leathers. After we shared links, he sent me this! Wow, how cool! Check out Randies work, I hope to see more in the furture.
I Gotta Do and In the Wind
By Gypsypashn ---,--'--<{@ aka Betsy E. Lister. Gypsy is a biker, poet and successful insurance broker in Massachusetts. She has been published in books, magazines and on the internet. I've posted two of her pieces I am particularly taken with though I would urge you to check out a larger selection at her personal web page. Enjoy!
Poetry of Wayne Harvey
Wayne hails from Canada and has been posting his work on the internet for somewhere around 16 years. We have two nice pieces from Wayne so check them out!
Three Easy Reading Pieces
By Bob "Bikerwolf" Bryant. Bob has put together a number of great pieces for us. Check out Lead Me, Biker Poets and Spirits of Kin. Bob is very prolific so be sure to visit his website after you get a taste of his work here.
Leather Chrome and Steel and The Road
By Bill "Uglicoyote" Davis. Bill is a biker poet in Idaho. After retiring as an English teacher, bill spends a lot more time in the saddle, and working with a pen in his hand. The Road has a unique feel to it that I thoroughly enjoyed, but Leather, Chrome and Steel has a surprise ending that harked back to the irony often found in Cowboy Poetry. It's one of the best I've read in a while.
Southern ways of brotherhood
By Charles Wagnon. The brotherhood of riding is not unique to the south, but it is a very warm there. The brotherhood of riding is not unique to the south, but it is a very warm there. The feeling of knowing you belong, and that these folks welcome you without reservation is a feeling we all cherish.
Tomarrow I'm Gonna Ride
Friends and My Old Sporty. By Biker Jer. Poetry can mean many different things to the reader. These works by Jerry are solid poetry speaking of every day life, and strong emotions that go with it.
By C.C. Some people write to convey a massage, this is the case in C.C.s work. Have a look at this insperational message, and if you want more, follow the link at the end of the poem.
Cowboy and Biker
By The Ironhorse Writer. There are a lot of similarities between Cowboys and Bikers. Have a read, and see for yourself. There is also a link to The Ironhorse Writers' website at our Biker Poetry Links Page. Lots of good work there!
Albert H. Munhall
Albert H. Munhall died while serving time in Federal Prison. Prison is a place where many find something within that they did not know was there. In Alberts case, he found a method to paint a story and emotion in words. Please read his thoughts, and injoy the emotion they reflect. Submitted by Frost.
Pursur dropped this off recently. Looks like a bro made a wrong turn, that led to a good place. Enjoy!
Sorez the Scribe
Serez is an Old Bro pouring feeling onto paper for many years. His scribing is rich and full of feeling. This is a small sampling of his many words.
Bob Bryant
Bob just sent these two in. He's prolific, Bob has penned over one hundred pieces. We are lucky to get these. Check out Bob's work, I think you'll like it too!
Red's Poem
Red left this one in my guestbook one day, I like it!
My 'ol Harley D
By Don Hood at Lazy Rider. This one's from the heart by a fellah who has realized a dream. After readin' Don's poetry, you can check out his site. There's a link on my link's page.
By Roger Bacon. I feel lucky to have found this poetry by Roger. I think you'll agree.
Poetry by Loreli
Some wonderful work by a sister out there. Check out Loreli's poetry for a special experiance.
Panhead Lament
This is on e of the best pieces I've seen! I'm glad Falcon allowed me to put it here! Your going to love this poem!
Ode to Old Rubber
By Mongrel. This is good! I didn't know Mongrel could write with those paws of his but he can, and proved it with this one! Check it out!
The Poetry of Rap
Now heres something fresh, new, something your all going to like! Injoy!
Author unknown. This was sent in by wavs. You can visit her site at The Best of the Rest Link's Page.
By Stacey. We all have our story. This is his.
The Night Before Christmas (Biker's Version)
From Fat Bob. Yer gunna love this re-write of a classic!
Just Riding Through
By Deb. This one ask's a few questions in my mind. A very thaught provoking piece.
The Resurrection
This ain't poetry, but it is "Biker Liturature" at it's finest. You are going to love the wit of T-Bone.
By Big Richard. This just about somes everthing up folks.
Black Cat's Eyes
T-Bone takes us down a road less traveled with this one. A dark road...
RAW Poetry
You have never seen RAW Poetry, now you can read it by the original! RAW has produced some great stuff. You'll find I have given him an intire page, he is very prolific. Injoy!
By Rabbit. A Bro out of Seattle, remembering a friend, and the life.
By Crow. As I've said before, bikers have a lot on their minds...
River Road
By Jerzee Jeff. A biker out of the backwoods of North Carolina writes a true account of a ride.
By L.S. Shevshenko. Out of Georgia, tired of the same old shit...