Wild Bill's Photo Album

Well here it is! The pic's page from Alaska! I'll be addin' to this as soon as I get more scanned, and uploaded. So be sure to return to this page from time to time. I'll be addin' some great photos' of Custom Bikes at Sturgis, pic's from run's around Alaska, and more! So come on back and visit from time to time. If you spot anyone here that may be wanted, well it's probably not them! Be sure to give me a SHOUT if ya got any comment's or suggestions.

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New Photo Albums!

Daytona 2009
We only had a day, but we had a great time.

Puttin' Around with Wild Bill

Wild Bill
This was taken at the Glenco campground in Sturgis in 1994. 30K
My wife and partner. This was taken on an MDA poker run. 25K
My little girl. Taken a few summers back. 33K
Puttin' to Skagway Alaska
Fred and Wild Bill at the Matanuska Glacier. 44K
A Typical Alaskan Home
This was taken about 200 miles north of Anchorage on our way back from a run to Fairbanks. 20K
Winter Riding!!
I took this from In the Wind. This ain't from Alaska, but it applies well! 24K
A gift from Daytona!
Bob Bertaut of "Bertaut Cycles" sent this lovely gift to me from Daytona. Be sure to visit his most excellent Web Site. He builds an awsome bike!
Party Animals
A little place north of Gakona and south of Tok. 25.7K
Sox and Wild Bill ridin' down the highway. 25.4K
This is the guy that put me on two wheels. My ridin' partner. 22.5K
Larry McGuire
One bad dude! Larry has ridden 49 states, most of them twice Visited me here in Alaska from Ohio last summer. Larry is an ABATE member, and an AMA rider safety instructor! 40K

Scenes from Sturgis

Nice Forks!
A great set of forks on Main Street. 35.7K
Indian Lady
Nice lookin' Indian on Main Street. 40K
Arabian Custom
Man this was a cool ride. It has more gold on it than Solomans mine! 45.8K
2-UP sled.
I saw this thing in a magazine and later on Main Street. 45.1K
The morning after.
Yea...it was at Devils Tower on the trip home. Man what a night. 26.1K