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Biker Poetry in the News

  • Shifting Gears, Remembering Miles by K. Peddlar Bridges
    Book review on Boston Area Press and Poetry Scene by Zvi A. Sesling
  • One Guest: José Gouveia, biker poet
    JoGo is interviewed on WGBH Boston about Rubber Side Down.
  • Easy Rider Betsy Lister
    By Bill Griffith of the Boston Globe. A biker who runs her own business, writes poetry, and works for social causes makes it all look simple.
  • Poet Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum on UWM Post
    By Graham Marlowe; Dr. Rosenblum is arguably the original "Biker Poet" A scholar and historian, he speaks of poetrys relationship with music.
  • Poet Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum on UWM Post
    In the second article by Graham Marlowe Milwaukee professor (Rosenblum) riffs on poetry’s history, evolution
  • BPWA announces release of Verse and Steel
    Press release for Verse and Steel an anthology containing an excellent selection of work by a number of noted bikerpoets."
  • Doug Barber Living the Life
    Christianna McCausland of Baltimore CityPaper reviews Doug and Sorez the Scribe's new release "Living the Life."
  • Lowside Syndicate
    Todd Ingram of Iron Horse Magazine reviews Doug Barber and Sorez the Scribe's new release "Living the Life."
  • Sensitive Side of M.C. Gangs Comes Through in “Baiku”
    Gerbil News Network
  • The rhythms of the road
    The Boston Globe
  • Rubber Side Down Review
    Minds Alive on the Shelves
  • The History of Biker Poetry
    by Panhead Josh on Bikernet.
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