Max was not only my best contributor, he was the most prolific. He deserves his own page. Below you will find his works. Poetry by an Aussie Biker "Down Under". A mate that not only writes well, but puts life into his work. I hope you injoy his stuff. You may want to bookmark this page. I just heard from Max and he is still writing and riding. Check out his new Blog!

Wild Bill

The Poetry of Max

Dreamers and the Dream and The Bond Between
Two great pieces by the Aussi Biker Poet! These are great Max!
My Mentor
I think we all have one.
The Story of My Life
You are going to love this.
The story of a pleasent ride in the countryside.
When Bikers Start to Play
Right on man! This is what it's all about!
Wolf Dream
This is one of Max's earlier works. It is not "Biker Poetry" per se'. But every biker can relate. You're going to love this one. I did.
The Iron Cavalry
A call to freedom!
The Ritual
If commuting was like this for everyone...everyone would want to commute!
Good Intentions, Honest!
I've done this man! Ya start out with the best of intentions... then... well ya just kinda get lost.
My Ol'Lady
Most of us have one. If you're lucky, you have a good one like this.
The Bond Between
Every night is like this night, makes for good memories.
The story of a return.
Roadside Crosses
We see them every day... but do we see them...
The Mighty Toad
They are a bit gangly ain't they...?
Talking with the Cocky
Check this out... great!
Ode to Hombre
We all loose friends...