Folks who visit this site expect to find literature about bikers and/or biking. But I think many folks don't understand that bikers are interested in more than just biking. We have lives, feelings, impressions of the world that are as unique as any. I know bikers who are artist's, writers, photographers, politicians, teachers and corporate executives. This is a piece of work by a fellow biker who has never seen a wolf. He does however have an insite into freedom. The wolf represents freedom to many, including myself. When I recieved this submission, I saved it. Not so much for this website, but for my daughter to read. However, I believe that there are many adults and children who should see this. It is beautifull. It speaks of a freedom that many of us have lost.

Wild Bill

Wolf Dream

The icy feel
of dew on paws,
the salty taste
of blood on jaws.
The feel of fur
upon my hide,
and racing cross
the valleys side.

To race through forests'
mottled green,
to slake my thirst
in icy stream.
To race the others,
running proud
to see my breath
in steaming clouds.

This dream it spoke of
older things
of racing pack
and lunar sings
and somewhere in
my heart of hearts
reply was made
in eager barks.

Perhaps in every dog that has
been rudely civilised,
an older yearning for
the wild and simple life resides.

To mock the "stay" and "sit"
and "heel" imposed on by the state
and run again with yeoman wild
the wolf-dogs easy gait.

To live where none
need answer to another's beck and call
and challenges are quickly met
with eager tooth and claw

But State demands obedience
and none are free to run
and it backs its laws with
hunters armed with precedent
and gun.

And the state has many hunters
armed with tethered dogs to track
But last night I dreamt of brothers wild
and ran with outlaw pack

As over lunches' coffee cup
I recollect nights racing
the animal confined within,
this mortal cage is pacing
and though the walls conditioning
is strong as t'was before
the wolf now sniffs relentlessly
he's looking for the door!

7/7/97 Ragellion