The Mighty Toad

My chrome and steel gypsy
my magic carpet ride
my freedom from oppression and from strife
That shares with me the open road
and bitter morning cold
and carries me fast homeward through the night
the thumping of her engine
always charges up my heart
and I love to feel the shudder
as my scooter comes to life
As thumping down the asphalt
with its blinking bright cats eyes
my mind is singing rock and roll
to the rhythm she supplies
A dream it seems has come to life
has grown inside my soul
and its form is now beneath me
heading quickly to our goal
for when you ride a chopper
your not merely on a bike
your blending with a deeper love
than any other type
Sure I know she isn't lightning fast
may handle like a sod
but she draws the looks of knowing bros
for a custom hand built chopper
takes its rider by the heart
and rides with him where others cannot go.

Max 27/8/98