My Ol'Lady

By Max

Its nice to find a woman who'll accept ya as ya are
and never try to nag ya about safer trips in cars
One whose fondness for big scooters
rates right up there with ya own
whose good company when at the pub
or kick'in back at home.
Its better yet if in her
you have found a kindred soul
who can see the good side of ya
but will take ya as a whole.

Who will help to wash the scooter
on a Friday afternoon
and who loves to hit the highway
to a v twins thumpin tune
Who never looks to shabby
draw'in looks from every man
but who's always there beside ya
if ya haf'ta make a stand
and can put up with the funny ways
of blokes who can't be "snags"
of scooter riddin' gentlemen
who often love to brag

One who never interrupts ya
when ya story's getting tall
and who really loves to party
so each evenings a ball
One who takes such good care of you
you've no reason to complain
and ya mates all ask if sisters
she has hiding, 'bout the same

Don't get me wrong cos women
have all got their funny ways
like if my pillion pegs are up
her eyes are gunner blaze
but she don't begrudge me time with mates
out partyin for days
For sure there are the times
when I could wring the women's neck
and when we row in private she
gives as good as she gets
but on the whole I figure
I got better than I should
So I'm penning out a tribute
to Ol'Ladys who are good.

I reckon there are other blokes
whose Ladys are as good
and who count themselves as lucky
and who tend to "Touching Wood"
and I know we sometimes granted take
our helpers nature fair
the cold beers when were working
and the lovely grub we share
and I know blokes don't mention it
"SNAGs" We'll never be
Just bloke who are set hard in their ways
and its Bikin' ways for me

I'll probably never marry
its a trap a wise man dreads
but the last 8 years are better
since I met my fine red head.