Max and I had a good discussion on this subject. Here in the United States we witness a systematic chipping away of our rights. But we arn't the only ones! Britain requires "Body Armore" while riding, gun control, and many other restricions on their citizins. Austrailians just recently lost many of their rights to possess firearms. Canada has had gun control and a National Helmet law for quite some time. Countries that I feel a kinship with. People that I consider friends are all in the same boat with the United States when it comes to the need to protect what few rights we have remaining. It is up to all of us to stand. Max has written a good one here, that calls on each of us to do our part.

Wild Bill

The Iron Mounted Cavalry

By Max

In days of old there could be found
the savage mounted men
Renowned for how they stood their ground
and rode to fight again.
And freedom she rode with them
flew her colours from their spears
and the citizens slept soundly
when the cavalry was near

How times have changed Joe Citizen
security now seeks
and mocks the plea of Freedom
as though she badly reeks
he's turned his back on Liberty
and truth is just a word
The iron mounted cavalry
have no place in his world
He just obeys, does what he's told
makes liberty a whore
And sells his soul
to pay his way
keep bankers from his door

But the siren call of modern life
has yet to break their will
and as Freedom calls
the iron mounted cavalry ride still
so far away in different worlds
the mighty engine sounds
and the iron mounted cavalry
are moving to the sound

They ride to champion Liberty
for though she may be lost
its the rough men and the ready
who have always loved her most
Men for whom the reaper's stare
is quite steadfastly meet
and when battle rages worst of all
their hairy jaws are set

For they shall not tear Freedom down
while some can make a stand
or the iron mounted cavalry
are driven from the land