Every biker knows this story... but I bet ya never realized how poetic it is. I've had several day's like this one. They are what life is all about. Makes me want to pack-up right now... what the hell am I doin' here! I'm goin' on a putt!

Wild Bill

When Biker's Start to Play

By Max

Beards'n Breeze and roaring steeds
my mates and I are on a run
with scoots all pointed down the road
towards some honest Biker fun
the trek will cover many miles
and many spots we'll pass
but still we hang it in the breeze
and go and show some class
the old guys plotted out a course
on a dirty, aged map
but us young blokes just wanna play
don't care about such crap!
He takes us though the mountains
and our rubber bites the turns
as we jockey for position
you can smell the tyres burn
and we blast into a country town
and hit the local pub
where the locals sit with hidden frowns
as we grab up the grog
then we treat em to the symphony
of half a dozen bikes
as we head off on the final trek
to kick back for the night.
A field is found, some righteous ground
A long way from the road
and from our saddlebags comes "Jack"
and all the beer we've towed
some "still hot" chooks and chippies
pass between the hungry hands
and an old dead tree is leveled
and dragged to where there stands
a little rise, a fire side
we reckon, so we stack
a lot of wood against it
then its time for kickin' back
Out comes the smoke, we have a toke
and fire the sucker up
till the roaring flames raise all the way
and flying sparks go high
as if our bonfires broken loose
and going to burn the sky!
A brother hands around the smoke
and afterwards the rum
As we catch up on what's going on
and everything we've done
since last we sat around
a fire and shared the stuff ya do
when with ya mates
who'll take the piss
and have a joke with you
there's no outsiders hanging on
no need to watch ya back
so ya all can let ya hair down
and have a heartfelt talk
among brothers who are tight
we sort the bloody system out
cos we know what is right
when dawn comes skulking to our camp
she takes us by surprise
and every blokes got ruddy face
and heavy bloodshot eyes
so someone drags the coffee out
for others "hair of dog"
and we get out shit together
and our veins slowly unclog
unrepentant we ride out
all eager for the day
cos there's plenty more good fun in store
when bikers start to play.