Max just keeps sending wonderfull stuff folks! Here is another one your going to just love. Tempest Ride speaks of that great feeling of accomplishment we all feel when we manage to get ourselves into one of those moments. I've had my hairy rides, we all have. But this one is going to "Blow your sock's off".

Wild Bill

Tempest Ride

By Max

Another day or riding
and flying up the coast
over twisting mountain roads
and though I shouldn't boast
I loved the ride,
the countryside
The savage turns and twists
the stress and crap of city life
surely wasn't missed
So when we reached our furthest point
we dropped in on my folks
for an hour or so chatting
But I spose I'm just like most
Good intentions fade real fast
when yakking with ya kin
before I knew it time had gone,
a storm was setting in.
I could hear its distant rumbling
and see its dancing spite
I knew that I had not a chance
of getting home 'fore night
So I saddled up the scooter
placed my lady on behind
and we shot to fly the gauntlet
of the fury of the sky.
Its dark green clouds were churning
and 'twas moving with great speed.
The sting of tropic raindrops
made me think my face would bleed.
My shades were full of water
and my left hand raised on high
to shield me from the barrage
that was fired from the sky
The water ran across the road
in never ending sheets
the thunder noise like shotgun blasts
made us feel like skeets!
Savage squalls would throw the bike
and drive us cross the road
I had to fight the elements
and hope the tyres would hold.
Rebounding rain surrounded us
the world it all went grey
and now and then a truck shot past
and hit us with its spray
so I dropped her back to 80
Cos I couldn't see a thing
And the storm howled all around us
like it was a living thing.
And it stayed like that for
quite a while
I cannot say how long
then suddenly as it had come
the worst of it was gone
So I pushed her back to highway speed
to dry our leathers out
And the storm front cracked behind us
but we'd made it through our bout.
When we pulled into a petrol store
to fill her up again
my lady got us coffee
and we spoke about the rain.
And another bloke
beside his bike
looked up as I kicked the stand
and he said "you guys came from the north?
You must be crazy, man!"
"They reckon on the radio
that its knocking houses down
and I've never seen a storm as bad
as just ripped through this town!"
I just looked back with tired eyes
and clutch my nice warm mug
and my lady wanders over and
gives to me a hug
And she says unto the stranger
"I knew that we'd be come through
cos I got faith in that motorbike
and however bad the gale
I knew my man would see us right
He's just that kind of male!"