How many times have you done this? I know that going to work became a wonderfull experience after I got my first bike. But goin' home became an adventure. How many folks out there can say that?

Wild Bill

The Ritual

By Max

Iíve reached the end of another night
and its time to mount the steed
to feel the roar of the chrome an steel
a bikers basic need.
To kick her on, fire up her lights
and head out on the road
to battle with the traffic
where the way to ride is bold.
The blast of air, the engineís song
the chopperís thumping pace
it seems tonight a tiny price
a few bugs in the face.
The scoots becomes a part of me
accepting of my needs
and highway signs fly by
as my old chopper picks up speed.
There something to a pair of boots
that shape to fit the man
and just the sames the way ya bikes
as natural as ya tan
So by the time Iíve reached my pad
Iím feeling pretty right
a knockoff drink and time to think
then turn in for the night.