To Hombre, a rebel, drunk
and all round decent guy!

This ode it is to Hombre
Who lived inside my house
He was a party animal
A dirty little mouse

He lived the life we all would choose
Free and full of fun
He had no drivers licence
He was always on the run

And when we threw a party
He would always go too far
Drinking the bong water
Or shitting on the bar

You could always count on Hombre
To go and run amuck
He'd roll himself in onion dip
He didn't give a fuck

He'd party on till eveyone
Had had enough of fun
He'd party on till dawn would come
He'd be the only one

And every night when work decreed
I had to go to bed
Hombre went and did his best
To get right off his head.

He'd drink up all the spilled beer
And he'd feast on chippie flakes
He'd raid the grocery cupboard
And eat icing off of cakes

And somehow it was comforting
To know the party raged
That hombre was enjoying life
Not waiting in a cage

I made him up a lego scoot
And put it on the ledge
Where hombre could go cruising
Living life out on the edge

But my woman she conspired against
My little furry mate
She hatched a plan to send him to
The mouses pearly gates

His end it wasn't pretty
Yeah he died an outlaw death
A trap was laid, the bait was set
To steal poor hombres breath

She soaked a salted peanut
In my finest strong homebrew
And Hombre had to have it
Though in his heart he knew

That Death was in temptation
It would steal away his life
He never tried to hedge his bets
Or walk away from strife.

So as the wake fires roaring
And I'm knocking back a pint
I'm reflecting on my little mate's demise
He lived real fast, he died real young
And left a furry corpse
And partied far beyond his meagre size