This is the first work from Max in a long time. I can see he has only gotten better with his time off. If poetry is putting emotion to paper. Max has done a wonderfull job of it.

Thanks Max.

Wild Bill

Return of the Desperado

The bike is a lifeline at times
Getting ya out when the walls close in
And memories of mountains and
Passing green become
Lost in the mirage of 9-5

It's there when you need to express
Sentiments that rumble and roar from
Chrome so eloquently
That they turn hate into harvest,
Frustration to speed

Its there when your mates
Had a bad day,
And too much drink
And shotgun eating settled
On his mind

You can ride, lords together
Free and defiant
Retake enough of your soul
To mount a counter offense

And watch a sunset, (tax free)
Breathe clean air, (without alimony)
howl at the moon
Without restraint

And in joining the bike
At a hammering blur
Find yourself shaken