Travis went skydiving one day. On the plane he met Jerry. During the conversation Travis found out that Jerry was blind.

Travis: "I can't believe that you are a skydiver. How do you get into position?"

Jerry: "That's easy. The plane is small and I can find the door easy enough."

Travis: "Yes, but how do you assure yourself that you can find the pull the cords?"

Jerry: "Oh, that's easy too. I have the cords especially configured."

Travis: "OK, but how do you know when to PULL the cords?"

Jerry: "No problem. I have a great sense of smell and can smell trees 300 feet above their tops. So I know when to pull the cords."

Travis: "That's amazing! But how do you know when you're about to hit ground so that you end up on your feet??"

Jerry: "Well, the dog's leash goes slack."