If Dr.Souse had taken the deposition of Clinton on the "Lewinski Affair" this is how it would have gone.

Wild Bill...

The Deposition...as Dr Souse would have it.

I'm here to ask
As you'll soon see
Did you grope
Miss Lewinsky?

Did you grope here
In your house?
Did you grope her
Beneath her blouse?

I did not do that
Here or there
I did not do that

I did not do that
Near or Far
I did not do that

Did you smile?
Did you flirt?
Did you peek
Beneath her skirt?

And did you tell
The girl to lie
When called upon
To testify?

I do not like you
I think that you
Have gone too far.

I will not answer
Perhaps I will go and
Start a war.

The publics easy
To distract
When bombs are
Falling on Iraq.