Feline Fantacy

A cat died a normal death. God met the cat at the Pearly Gates. The cat was informed that he had lived an exceptional life and could enter heaven. Then God said, " If there is anything I can do to make your stay in heaven more comfortable, just ask." The cat sat there a moment and said, " Well as a matter of fact there is. The people I lived with were very poor. All my life I've had to sleep on a hard floor..." God said, " Say no more. I have just the thing for you." In a instant a large fluffy pillow appeared.

Later that day God met 7 mice who had died of violence showed up at the Gates. After Assuring them that they qualified for heaven, he again said if he could do anything to make their stay more comfortable, to just ask him. The mice considered then said, "All of our lives we have had to run. Run from cats, run from dogs, run from people." God said, "Say no more, I have the answer." Suddenly brand new shiny roller blades appeared on each mouse foot. The mice, very happy, rolled off.

About six days later God was looking around heaven. Going around a corner, God saw the cat that had entered heaven a few days ago. As the cat saw God, he sat up and stretched. God asked the cat how things were going. "Great", said the cat. " This pillow is so soft, and those meals on wheels you've been sending by are the best."


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