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My Favorite E-Mail

Ya know, just like the rest of ya, I get alot of e-mail. Most of it I just read...and DELETE! But every now and then I get one that's a real riot! Somethin' that ya want to forward to all yer freinds. Well, I try not to bother folks sence joining E.M.A. so I would say I've probably deleted a book full of great material.

Below you will find a list of my favorites. I only wish I had started saving them earlier. Some of these were forwarded to me, some were sent by fellow cyber-bikers and others were dug out of the great mine of text called the internet by folks who have an eye for funny stuff.

Over the next few months I expect this little page to grow. I invite everyone to send those e-mail's to me that you occationally find stuffing your e-mail box. The ones that you would like to forward to a friend, but felt they already get enough of this stuff already. If ya send it to me, and if it's good, then all ya got to do is send 'em to this page.

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Your Bro in the Snow
Wild Bill

My Favorite E-Mail

Global Cooling Article
The Skydiver
Welfare Letters
New Computer Viruses
The Old Lady and the Bet
Three Blond's Fishing
The Gravy Ladle
A Plethora of "Clintonics"
Feline Fantacy
The Shipwrecked Yuppie
His First Drink
Another Lawyer Joke
Philosophy 101
How to be a Good Wife
Starr you Are
Mistaken Identity
The "IN" Basket
Racy Shorts
Lots and lots of stuff
Dull Knives
Just a little more...
Man Bashing!
Comebacks and things that make you go hmmmm...
Country Song Titles
Bad Company
Martha's Tip's for Red Neck's
A Gorilla Story
101 Things not to say during sex
The Baby Boomer Exam
Just a weeeee bit...
And the winner is...
The local favorite
Then and Now
Rules for women to sustain a meaningful relationship:NEW