Just Biker Poetry

I doubt that I am the first "Cyber Biker" to attempt to compile I listing of "Biker Poetry" floating around in cyberspace, but I hope to make it one of the more complete lists available. If you find a Biker Poetry web site, or page, that belongs here, please send me the URL at SHOUT BACK.

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Biker Poetry is evolving into it's own genre as more and more riders, turn to writers. This page will continually be updated as Biker Poetry grows in popularity. As a Biker Poet, and publisher of Midnight Sun Rider "Alaska's Motorcycle Magazine" We will showcase Biker Poetry Month in August with work from Alaska's own Biker Poets in our July edition. Visit this page often to see the latest in Biker Poetry on the net.

Biker Poetry Links

Road Poet New York
New York States own Biker Poetry Association.
Biker Poets and Writers Association
This is a new association dedicated to biker poetry.
The Ironhorse Writer
Laurence P.Scerri aka "The Ironhorse Writer" has been kicking around with his verse for a while, but this is the first time I actually found a site dedicated to his work. Check him out.
Waynes World Poetry
Poetry mostly by Wayne Harvey of Canada. Taks a look into Waynes World.
Sorez the Scribe
Eddie "Sorez" is back on the internet with words from the heart. Welcome back Sorez.
Biker Wolf
"Biker Wolfs' Perspective" is a collection of his own works. Take a look, I think you will like it.
Highway Poets MCC
The International Association of Published Bikers.
Kiwi Bikers
Kiwi Bikers from New Zealand write as well as ride!
The Holy Ranger
This is the most comprehensive collection of Martins work I have ever found. You will also find a page of some of his Poetry.
Peddlar is a Poetry Activist, spreading the word about Biker Poetry. This site is dedicated to our genre.
Gypsy's Home Page
Biker Poetry by Gypsy. Pages of the stuff, and it's great stuff!
A Bikers Dream
Poetry and writings by Eddie O’Hara.
V-Twin Biker Poetry Page
Biker Poetry motorcycle poems by Bikers Harley-Davidson Rides writers rhymes written words.Hosted by V-Twin Biker.
Babe on HD Poetry Page
Babe has been around a long time, her site has compiled a lot of Biker Poetry, check it out!
Mountain Man!
Mountain Man is my kinda guy! His work is great, and he's just a damn great guy. If you don't visit his site, you don't know what you're missing.
Bikers Song Book
BikerBills' selection of Holy Ranger poetry.
Gregory W. Frazier
This guy wrote a book, and this is a page that peddles it.
Wet Butt Series
This is cool! The Mac Pack poetry page. What a find!
Poetry by Max
Poetry by an Aussie Biker "Down Under". A mate that not only writes well, but puts life into his work.
Biker Writings
Half a dozen good poems by Shovel Wolf and Rod hosted by loudpipes.com.
Biker Poems
By Bikers...For Bikers of the Virago Owners Club. What a find! There are a lot of authors on this page, you need to check this out!