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I doubt that I am the first "Cyber Biker" to attempt to compile a listing of "Biker Poetry" floating around in cyberspace, but I hope to make this one of the more complete lists available. If you find a Biker Poetry web site, or page, that belongs here, please send me the URL at SHOUT BACK.

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Biker Poetry is evolving into it's own genre as more and more riders turn to writers. This page will continually be updated as Biker Poetry grows in popularity. Visit this page often to see the latest in Biker Poetry on the net.

Biker Poetry Links

Wikipedia On Biker Poetry
This is a work in progress but contains many valuable links and some history on the subject of Biker Poetry.
Road Scribes of America
The Road Scribes of America is a new group made up of many veteran Biker Poets. A fine selection of great work is available to read and enjoy. I highly recommend this site!
Highway Poets Motorcycle Club
The only club of its kind, the HPMC can claim membership around the world. As the genre grows, you can expect to see these folks grow as well.
Wes Lyrics
I nice selection of poetry by Wes Stephenson. I discovered Wes on YouTube where he has posted a number of readings. Very good stuff!
Sorez the Scribe
Eddie "Sorez the Scribe" has a new website updated with much of his material as welll as links to published works.
Motorcycle Poems
Oh yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about! I stumbled across this find on Word Press. I'm guessin' this guy's name is Bart... I won't mention the last name as he seem's to place privacy at a premium. His blog has been updated most months for over two years. You'll find a little political commentary and no small dose of humor. You'll want to check this out!
Rod Hatter's "Sincerely Spoken Illusions"
Wow! What a great find this one is! I stumbled across Rod Hatter's Biker Poetry page while looking for news of what's happening in the Biker Poetry world and came across a fine collection of his work; so check this page out you'll like what you find. Oh, and now Rod has a Blog! Great stuff!
Road Poet New York
New York States own Biker Poetry Association.
Biker Poets and Writers Association
This is a new association dedicated to biker poetry.
Gypsy's Home Page
Phil Cromer aka "Gypsy" is the author of Wispers in the Wind a compilation of his work. Several pieces of Gypsy's poetry can be found here. There is some wonderful material here. Enjoy!
Sharpie Sharpensteen
James Sharpensteen is a welder, biker and poet. He put out a book a while back and it can be located at this site along with a sample of his work. Check "Sharpie" out!
Bill “uglicoyote” Davis is a retired english teacher who now spends much of his time either riding or writing. Bill is very prolific and his work reflects years of practice in his craft as a wordsmith.
Pan's Outlaw Bikerpoetry
Pan Head Josh has been writing and riding for a lot of years. He's a regular in a number of magazines and is rather prolific. Pan only recently put this site up so others could get a good dose of his work. This site is highly recommended.
Waynes World Canadian Bikes and Poetry
Poetry mostly by Wayne Harvey of Canada. Take a look into Waynes World there is some great poetry and pros there. Wayne Harvey has had a web presence for about 14 years now and his site is well worth a visit.
Chopper Kate
V-Twin Biker has a collection of several pieces by Chopper Kate... Kate used to maintain a blog and there was a link here but that is gone. Fortunately Q-Ball has some of her work at his site!
J Barrett Wolf
Wolf has written a book or two of both poetry and pros. This is his personal website. Here yiu can find examples of his work as well as book 'em if ya want! He is quit good, and rather prolific.
Poetry by Chuck
Charles A. Johnson was a little hard to stumble across, but I'm glad I found him. This site is a little over the top with affects and bling, but the words are excellent, I highly recommend you stop in and read his fine work.
Now this is special, Bikerwolf has some very powerfull words here. Check out his site and don't just stop at the biker poetry, he has material on a number of subject well worth exploring.
The Holy Ranger
This is the most comprehensive collection of Martins work I have ever found. You will also find a page of some of his Poetry. Thee are books, and CD's available as well.
Inner Voice
This is Four Speeds website where he invites authors to post writings, art and mostly Biker Poetry. He has has a huge collection of very, very good stuff. While you're there, check out the rest of his site. He has a substantial list of links, a great babes page and an active Board.
The Ironhorse Writer
Laurence P.Scerri aka "The Ironhorse Writer" has been kicking around with his verse for a while. He recently got his own domain, and a new website. It's a good lookin' site, and has a lot of new material.
Peddlar is a Poetry Activist, spreading the word about Biker Poetry. This site is dedicated to our genre.
Gypsy's Poetry Page
Biker Poetry by Gypsy. A great selection of poetry by Betsy E. Lister aka "Gypsypashn"!
V-Twin Biker Poetry Page
Biker Poetry motorcycle poems by Bikers Harley-Davidson Rides writers rhymes written words.Hosted by V-Twin Biker.
Mountain Man!
Mountain Man is my kinda guy! His work is great, and he's just a damn great guy. If you don't visit his site, you don't know what you're missing.
Gregory W. Frazier
This guy wrote a book, and this is a page that peddles it.
Wet Butt Series
This is cool! The Mac Pack poetry page. What a find!
Poetry by Max
Poetry by an Aussie Biker "Down Under". A mate that not only writes well, but puts life into his work.
Biker Writings
Half a dozen good poems by Shovel Wolf and Rod hosted by loudpipes.com.