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    "The perfect man? A poet on a motorcycle. You know, the kind who lives on the edge, the free spirit. But he's also gotta have the soul of a poet and a brilliant mind. So, you know, good luck."
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    Bad Luck

    By Wild Bill © copyright 1996 all rights reserved.

    A lot was said when I was bred
    'bout what I'd grow to be.
    My aunts and uncles never thought knuckels
    would be my destiny.

    That an old Pan head run with lead
    or a Shovel with chrome pipes,
    To be frank, would turn my crank
    and bikers be my types.

    Now to be straight I'll intimate
    the following non fiction,
    That the model that turned my throttle
    and caused this bike addiction

    Was the Evolution, that revolution
    in Harley Davidson design.
    See I'm no wrench in a pinch
    with old bikes in decline.

    I am in fact to be exact
    and everybody knows it,
    Just some schmuck with the bad luck
    to be a Biker Poet.

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