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It's BikerPoetry Month!

By K.Peddlar Bridges, BikerPoet Laureate
Columnist CT CruiseNews,
Columnist motorcyclegoodies.com

Rock and Roll!

August 2006 is the Second Annual National BikerPoetry Month. Yes, August 2006 is National BikerPoetry Month and there is much happening and much to celebrate.

Last year 2005 RoadPoet eMagazine, The Connecticut Cruise News, motorcyclegoodies.com, The MotorCyclists' Post and many other publications, businesses and establishments helped BikerPoets celebrate their first National BikerPoetry Month. This year (2006) others have joined the list of well-wishers, friends and BikerPoetry month supporters ... Roadpoet-ny.com, laconiabikeweek.net and Poopies Cycles Of Savana, Ill., to name just a few. Here we would like to stop and say a most heartfelt "Thank You!"

"THANK YOU ALL! ... Big Time! ... Your help and support is most needed and appreciated!"

Below is a partial list of BikerPoetry Month August 2006 Events ... for the near moment update of BikerPoetry Month Events and Happenings, please click on to roadpoet.com i/e RoadPoet eMagazine. We hope you can attend and wish you an excellent Bikerpoetry Month! Here's the listing:

1. Saturday, August 5th: Second Hand Reeds Book Store, Ocean Ave AKA Old RT 5, Saco, Maine, featuring Highway Poets Motorcycle Club Founder, Colorado T. Sky ... With Open Mic readings.

2. Monday, August 7th: Stone Soup Poets at Out of the Blue Art Gallery, Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA, featuring Highway Poets, Mark Goldfinger AKA Mosha and Colorado T. Sky ... 7PM on ... With Open Mic readings.

3. Monday, August 14th: Conway Public Library (NH) featuring members of the Highway Poet MCC and RoadPoet eMagazine Staff .. 6:30 to 8 pm ... With Open Mic readings...

4. Thursday, August 17th: Gypsypashn's Traveling Poetry Caravan, Best Sellers' Cafe' Medford, MA ... With Open Mic ... and featuring Gypsypashn's Second Annual BikerPoetry Month Cookout (after reading) ... With Open Mic ...

5. Friday, August 18th: BikerPoetry Reading, Savana Illinois ... Poopies' Cycles, featuring Panhead Josh, Blaze Eliot and Bumper Smith.

6. Tuesday, August 22rd: Acoustic Coffee, Danforth Street, Portland, Maine, featuring Bill MacMillan and The Highway Poets MCC ... With Open Mic ...

7. Sunday, August 27th: Java Hut, Worcester MA, BikerPoetry Month Features with Highway Poets, BikerPoets and Writers' Association Members and RoadPoet eMagazine Staff. (Possibly two shows on that date) ... With Open Mic ...

8. Tuesday, August 29th: Acoustic Coffee (ME) ... again ... where it all begins ... BikerPoetry Month Open, featuring BPWA Members, Highway Poets and Roadpoet eMagazine Staff and the usual Acoustic Coffee Suspects ... With Open Mic ...

9. Wednesday, August 30th: Portsmouth NH Community Radio ... featuring Gypsypashn and Colorado T. Sky.

As said, this is only the partial list, for additional events and more details please head for www.roadpoet.com AKA Roadpoet eMagazine or www.Roadpoet-ny.com and click onto RoadPoet Bikerpoetry Month Events. Besides the many BikerPoetry Month readings and publishing's, there are several other exciting BikerPoetry Month Happenings! ... Three of the most exciting happenings are:

One: Wild Bill the Alaskan Biker Poet, Bill Rogers has been named as Roadpoet eMagazine's BikerPoet Laureate of the Northern Frontier. Wild Bill is the Editor/ Publisher of the Midnight Sun Rider Magazine out of Alaska and rides a Harley. Wild Bill has also maintained an excellent BikerPoet website, where he showcased his work, as well as many other BikerPoets, through the years. His Poet Laureateship will run from August 1, 2006 to August 15, 2007.

We are sure you will see much of his fine work and poetry in such magazines and publishing's as "The Cruise News," "The Motorcyclists' Post," motorcyclegoodies.com, his own "Midnight Sun Rider," as well as others in the year to come.

Two: Betsy Lister aka Gypsypashn, RoadPoet eMagazine's 2005 and 2006 New Hampshire Motorcycle Poet Laureate has been set as Roadpoet eMagazine's New Hampshire and Massachusetts Motorcycle Poet Laureate. Her Poet Laureateships will run from August 1, 2006 till August 15, 2007.

Gypsypashn rides a Harley and has a long history of riding and service to the Motorcycle and Poetry Community. She is the founder of Biker Bits, a Daily News Ezine, hosts a monthly Poetry Reading in Medford, MA i/e Gypsypashn's Traveling Poetry Caravan and she is a columnist for "The Motorcyclists' Post." Her Poetry is well published. To enjoy her work, please pick up a copy of the Motorcyclists' Post.

Three: Our third exciting BikerPoetry Month Announcement is that JoeGo Gouviea, founder of the BikerPoets and Writers' Association has set Colorado T. Sky as the Association's 2006 National BikerPoet Laureate. Colorado T. Sky has a long history as Biker and Poet. Through the years, he has ridden just about everything with wheels. At present, Sky rides a wild home built chopper. It is a close call to which came first, the chopper or the pen, for his roots in both, Sky dates back to the Sixties. Sky is the founder of the Highway Poets MCC, rides, writes and teaches extensively.

Check the BikerPoetry Month Events list for events featuring Colorado T.Sky and Gypsypashn as well as many other BikerPoets.

Rock and Roll and Ride On ... Peddlar.