After riding a while my hand turns numb
So I loosen my grip, and move around my thumb
The blood starts to flow and I get the feeling back
It didn't use to be like this, am I having an AGE attack?

It is increasingly harder to party all night
and get up again at dawns early light
When I look in the mirror I see gray in my beard
But I don't feel any older, this is pretty weird

I feel a pain in my back I don't want to neglect
But it takes me a couple of minutes just to stand erect
I like going on a nice long putt
but after a while it hurts my butt

I use to wear a "T" shirt, and say what the hell
Now when it gets cold out, I can really tell
Every joint in my body gets a chance to ache
I take inventory, which ones hurt today, which ones feel great

You see it's not just me, but everyone complains
I'm better off than some, Some are truly lame
If someone offered me my youth back, if I gave up my bike
I'd say "that's not for me man, it's the motorcycles I like"

You see I will still get cold, and I'll still get old
and I'll still feel the pain
But when it's all said and done, I'll have had some fun
and with every experience I will have gained