I met an old man at a rest stop
He was looking at my Harley and said "Call me Pop's
I use to ride for the factory, I did stunts too
I have some old pictures, let me show them to you."

He got out a box, and opened a book
And I'll admit I was impressed
There was a young man, astride his Harley
And a good looking woman in a vest

"That's me there, and that's my bike,
...it sure was quick."
I said "the bike looks good, what year is it,
and who's the nice looking chick?"

She was the love of my life,I made her my wife
her name was Janet...OH, why did she die?
Then the man scrunched up his face,
and he started to cry

I looked around so no one would see
as I wiped MY tear away
"Look here Pop's, I got to go,
are you going to be OK?

"I'll get over it" he said "go on have fun,
and have a good life.
just remember what's important to you,
take care of your family, and your wife."

I rode away with a lump in my throat
and I've thought about Pop's over the years
Because there's nothing harder in the world to forget
than an old man, with a face full of tears