RAW has been sending me some cool stuff for some time. I think you will like it. I do.

Wild Bill

RAW Poetry

Fast Ride
If you haven't felt this, you ain't been ridin' man./ Raw discribes it well.
This Year
Ya know? I made a resolution myself... same one too!
Man, I've done this... I've done this... It's dejavue man!
Old Man
Life don't always seem fair does it.
Getting Old
Been havin' the same day's myself lately. If ya ain't been through this yet... well ya got it to look forward to.
Can I ever relate to this! Caught a Bee in the right tit, with no shirt at 60 MPH in Wyoming one beautifull summer day... damn near ruined my whole day! Swelled up bigger' than... well that's another story...

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