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I became an associate of One and Only Personal's several months ago but refused to post the link untill I was sure they were'nt some bunch of sleaze buckets just spreading a lot of garbage on the net. They are a legitimate service that fill's the needs of alot of folks out there. One and Only will help you make contact with other's in your area. Not just all over the world. So if yer feelin' kinda lonely you might just want to check these folks out from the safety of your browser and e-mail. You might be glad that you did.

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Sky Darkens

Desperation speaks with a rythim in my soul,
Alone I travel into a deeper hole.

Where one night last's till another sky darken's,
Daylight slip's while lonelyness harkins

Is this life led all there is for me?
The rythim, and dark sky throughout eternity?

Must I ride alone never facing the sun,
In quiet solitude untill this night is done?

Long nights wasted forever it seems.
Release granted only in my daylite dreams

If only there where someone with whom to share my life.
A friend, a lover, to help me through this strife

My search must start today! I'll find a partner yet!
Loose this awfull life, befriended I'll forget!

Boldly on a road leading to a mystery,
Shedding lonlyness...for it is history...


Wild Bill's Romance Rally!